About - Blackburn
About Us
We see the world
without boundaries
About Us
We see the world
without boundaries
Modern-Day Classics
Blackburn sunglasses reimagines timeless classic frames, infusing them with a contemporary essence that enhances your daily look with versatility and vibrancy. By blending Californian-inspired style with the fine detail of Italian craftsmanship, we set the standard for premium sunglasses without the burden of high price tags. Our collections, carefully curated and released in limited editions, reflect our steadfast dedication to artistry and quality without compromise.
Blackburn’s emergence signals a promising turning point for the fashion industry.
-James Nottingham-
The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Community at the Heart
Blackburn goes beyond being just an eyewear brand; we represent a fusion of standout style and deep commitment to people. Our belief in the importance of community shapes everything we do, driving us to not only introduce new styles but also to explore fresh perspectives on life, society, and culture. Our 'Fresh Perspectives' series is a collection of personal fireside chats with mold-breaking community influencers that share their unique take on matters that impact us today.

For us, community is more than a concept; it's a guiding principle. At Blackburn, we allocate 80% of our revenue to support family-owned Italian workshops, invest in our growth, and fund significant environmental efforts, including Stripe's Climate initiative and GRID Alternatives' solar project. Choosing Blackburn eyewear symbolizes not just personal style but also a dedication to corporate responsibility and effecting real change.
More on our pledge.
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