About - Blackburn
About Us
We see the world
without boundaries
About Us
We see the world
without boundaries
Fresh Styles Meet
Italian Craftmanship
At the heart of Blackburn is a fusion of Californian inspiration and the finesse of Italian craftsmanship, setting the gold standard for premium sunglasses. Our carefully curated collections are released in small-batches, each adhering to our uncompromising standards of artistry and quality. Our unisex designs celebrate the harmony of time-honored classics with contemporary flair, earning nods from trendsetters and esteemed fashion editors alike. Experience the new fashion era of refined style, affordability, and distinction.
Blackburn’s emergence signals a promising turning point for the fashion industry.
-James Nottingham-
The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Real Quality, Real People
Blackburn is more than a brand; it's a fusion of standout style and genuine commitment to people. Our belief in people extends beyond words: we regularly highlight community leaders and mold-breakers in our 'Fresh Perspectives' series, sharing their unique stories and views on life, society, culture. After all, style is nothing without substance. At Blackburn, 80% of our revenue goes towards family-run Italian workshops, reinvestments into growth, and to donate to pivotal eco-projects like Stripe's Climate initiative, and GRID Alternatives' solar mission. Wearing Blackburn signifies not just taste, but echoes the ethos for corporate responsibility and meaningful change.
More on our pledge.
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